What a blessing it is for me to assist you in a plan to become pregnant! I offer preconception visits that review the best nutrition, supplements, and exercise choices as well as things to avoid to give you the most opportunities for conceiving. Lab work can be done at that appointment to address any concerns that you may have. I would also love to give you some tips and information that may help you with symptoms that may develop in early pregnancy. The cost is $175, but if you conceive within one year of your preconception appointment date, I am happy to apply this amount toward the cost of your birth services with me.


As a midwife, I believe that women should be in control of their own care. My job is to give lots of education and options and then allow you to make choices based on what may fit your family. I want you to feel a connection with me as we strive to build a long-standing relationship that benefits you and your growing family. Appointments are longer than you might have with an obstetrician, giving more room to ask questions or just visit about life. I truly believe that women have better birth outcomes when relationship and trust develop between a midwife and her client. Appointments are offered on a schedule similar to obstetric care: 1st appointment done at 8-12 weeks, every 4 weeks thereafter until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until birth. There is always room for communication throughout! I offer in-office lab work, but sonograms are done off-site. While I use herbs, homeopathies, and supplements, I also believe there is a time for medications. It is a privilege to have a physician who allows me to prescribe and give medications should the need arise. 



I offer home birth as an option to women in Abilene, San Angelo, Sweetwater, Brownwood and all cities within a 120 mile radius of Abilene. It is my goal for you to have a peaceful space in your own home in which I come to you and encourage you to labor at your own pace in a calming and loving environment.  I encourage you to hire a doula, especially as a benefit to anyone having their first birth or first unmedicated birth. At births, I am accompanied by an assistant which is another midwife or one of my birth assistants with a nursing background. All attending to your care on the big day have been certified in CPR and neonatal resuscitation and have some background in natural birth, knowing how to encourage you through the stages of labor. We respect all beliefs, cultures and spiritual backgrounds and can offer personalized care should you have any special preferences. Your family is welcome to be present and anyone else you like as it is your home.


As a new mother, you want to do what’s best for your baby and yet sometimes, you’re not even sure where to start. As your midwife, I am well-versed in breastfeeding, diapers, crying babies and the changes happening to your postpartum body. I feel strongly that this is such an important time in your life, one in need of direction and encouragement, so I am happy to offer more support than what is listed below if necessary. 

Postpartum appointments to care for you and baby:

  • A home visit between 24-48 hours after birth

  • A home visit at 5-7 days after birth

  • 2 week check-up in the office

  • 4 week weight check (optional)

  • 6 week check-up in the office



  • Lactation visits
  • Newborn Exams
  • Weight Checks
  • Newborn Screening
  • Screening for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
  • Pap smears
  • Family Planning Options
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