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Welcome to Sweet Embrace Midwifery Care! Sabrina Elliott is a Licensed Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife offering homebirth to women in Abilene, San Angelo, Sweetwater, Brownwood, and all other cities within a 120 mile radius of Abilene. Sabrina wants you to find peace in your choice to have a home birth surrounded by loving and skilled hands that provide a “sweet embrace.” Her goal is to provide a peaceful environment with safe practices, which include the use of supplements, herbs, homeopathies and medicine when needed. It is her job as your midwife to know what is “normal” and determine when more help is needed so that you can continue on the path for a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth.

Your partner and your family are welcome at each appointment and anyone you choose can be at your birth! Sabrina’s patients enjoy relaxed prenatal visits that are 1 hour each with enough time for questions. In-house lab work, and ultrasound referrals are part of her care. During labor she will give encouragement to eat and drink, provide hydrotherapy and water birth options with her own birth tubs provided for you. You’ll have the ability to sleep in your own bed postpartum and most of all you’ll be an active participant in making choices regarding your care. Sabrina is a strong believer in your body’s ability to give birth and feels that your birth is pivotal as it will be a story that will be told for years to come.  She emphasizes the importance of you not having to fight for or apologize for any of the choices you decide to make on this very special day.

Currently, she has two offices to serve you, an office in Abilene, Texas and one in San Angelo, Texas. She accepts patients who are choosing to switch providers later in pregnancy as well as those newly pregnant. While she does not file with insurance companies, she does have a medical biller who can determine an estimate of your benefits and who can provide a super-bill for each family to submit for their own reimbursement or for it to count towards their deductible amount. Payment is not due in full at your first appointment. There are payment plans and credit options in order to pay long-term for your birth should you need those. Don’t hesitate to call and ask how Sabrina can make homebirth a reality for you!

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Sabrina was the most amazing choice we made during our 2nd pregnancy.  She really gave us a redemptive birth following the traditional OB/GYN “assisted” hospital birth of our son that really left us wanting more.  Sabrina was warm and welcoming and really took the time to answer all of me and my husband’s questions, as I had come prepared with a sheet full.  She answered as fully as she could and even took the time to research when she didn’t fully know the answer.  Despite the complications that I had with my previous pregnancy, my most recent pregnancy was uneventful and I attribute that to Sabrina’s gentle guidance and her encouragement to make our own, researched decisions.  She was more than a medical provider, she was a readily available resource for all things pregnancy and took the time to get to know my husband and I outside of being patients.  The most valuable thing she did was truly listen to me and helped ease my worries…..If we are to have more children, there is no choice to be made.  Sabrina will be our midwife!

Sabrina and her team are absolutely amazing.  I moved to Abilene when I was halfway through my pregnancy.  I was so nervous about finding a local midwife who I would click with and would support my dream home birth.  I met with Sabrina and felt instantly content.  Every check up was so much more personal than a check up with an OB/GYN.  They felt like I was catching up with a friend.  My birth was a dream come true.  My baby girl came, my husband got to catch her, the birth team cleaned up my bed and got me all comfortable, the birth assistants spoon fed me breakfast, started the laundry , took out the trash, and left my husband and I to dote on our new family member.  A little while later, they got an herbal bath set up for baby and I.  It was absolutely everything I wanted and more.  I would recommend Sabrina and her team to anyone who is looking for a more natural and less stressful birth experience.

My wife and I had our first baby with Sabrina’s excellent help. She was very knowledgeable and supportive, particularly during the birth, and she helped us have the best home birth experience I could have asked for. I am extremely thankful for that night, and will never forget it.

If I were to ever have another baby I’d definitely hire Sabrina again. This was my first baby born in the United States and because I’m used to different ways I wanted quite a few things different from standard care. Sabrina always listened to my concerns and wishes, while still being honest with me about her concerns and how she felt comfortable doing things. I felt like she provided more care than what was in our contract. For example; one time in my pregnancy I fell and Sabrina came over right away to listen to the baby and placenta to make sure everything was alright. During labor she was the perfect amount of “present” and always encouraged me to trust my body. I loved that nobody told me what to do, or when to push. When it was time to push, I let my body tell me what to do and I was the one telling everybody that “he’s coming!”. My baby was born in a birth tub in our bedroom. It was so peaceful that our other three kids slept through the whole thing.


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